4 Ways The Cloud Innovates Business

Making Cash Efficiency an Advantage

With a TCO that is typically at least 50% less than on-premise systems, you free vital funds to reinvest in products and the business rather than manage a complex IT infrastructure.

Unlocking Human Potential

 The ability to seamlessly evolve business processes and deliver innovation instead of keeping servers running, backing up data and performing upgrades, the company can truly manage for growth to reach its full potential.

Real Time Visibility and Mobility 

Access your data on the move, anywhere you have access to a browser and an internet connection. No matter where your data was entered, rest assured its readily available, and up to date!

Save up to 90% in IT costs

With the cloud you could be saving up to 90% in IT costs that are normally eaten up in maintaining, integrating and upgrading separate server based systems.

Groupon - NetSuite Customer Story

Can you really change anything without risking everything? How much would you risk to bring your dream to life? When you're disrupting your industry, you need someone to take the risk with you. Watch the ripple effect of NetSuite's platform for disruption.

What Our Customers Say...

NetSuite Platform for Business Whitepaper

There is no longer even a question. Modern business requires a cloud-based platform to stay out in front of the competition you know and the innovative disruptor you might not know yet.

It is a world of pivoting these days. Bold leaders fully grasp that to win they must compete on customer experience. This requires their companies to constantly innovate around business models and technology.

NetSuite Platform for Business Whtiepaper

Many of the fastest growing, most progressive companies in the world trust NetSuite to power their business. Across industries and geographies, we see common threads for why organizations need and rely on a modern business platform like NetSuite to scale and grow.

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